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Our rental tools and equipment are the perfect choice for all your one time or occasional projects. We keep only the top performing brands in our rental fleet so you can get the job done with reliable, high powered tools, then leave the storage and maintenance to us! Please call to reserve.

Mini-Excavator / Skid Steer

$300 daily rental/ $1200 weekly rental (includes one attachment and trailer). 

Attachments: $50 each additonal

Auger, Trencher, Bucket, Pallet Fork, Field Mower, Dozer blade

Hilti Demolition Hammer

$85 Daily Rental

Also known as a jackhammer, breaker, or brute. 3 attachments

Hilti Handheld Saw

$95 Daily Rental



Hilti Rotary Hammer

 $75 Daily Rental

For drilling and chiseling in masonry or concrete.



Hilti Tile Smasher

$125 Daily Rental

Log Splitter

$65 / 4 hour Rental

$80 Daily Rental

Auger / Earth Drill

2-person Handheld $85 daily rental

Tow-Behind $160 daily rental

Multiple bit sizes available.

Cement Mixer

$85 daily rental

Floor sanders

Small $30/daily; Large $60/daily.  Great for your hard-wood floors and decks.

Wood Chippers

Small $100 daily rental (up to 3")

Large $160 daily rental (up to 4")


Small (12") $85/4 hrs or $110 Daily

Med. (18") $110/ 4hrs or $125 Daily

Large (24") $175/4hrs or $225 Daily (Large rental includes trailer)

(Small or Medium rental - includes carrier shown, bring own reciever).


Small $40 daily rental

Medium $65 daily rental

Large $110 daily rental


Small $40 daily rental

Medium $65 daily rental

Large $110 daily rental

Post Puller

 $25 daily rental

Easily remove "T" posts

Post Driver

$85 daily rental

Honda Engine. Easily install "T" posts and other posts up to 2".



$65 daily rental

Pick up leaves, thatch and other debris. Make your yard clean-up a snap. 





$85 daily rental

Compact soil, asphalt, decomposed granite. Easy to manuever in tight, confined areas. 



Honda Generator

EU 2000  $60 daily rental

EU 3000  $80 daily rental

EU 6500  $140 daily rental

Call for weekly rental pricing

Pressure Washer

$60 daily rental


16" or 18" Bar

$60 daily rental





$45 daily rental




Cheetah Rodent Control Machine

$85 daily rental

Blows carbon monoxide into burrow systems and tunnels underground.



Makita Hammer Drill

$35 / 4 hour rental

$50 daily rental

Weed Trimmers

Bechtol $110 Daily

BearCat (Push) $65 Daily

BearCat (Self-propelled) $85 Daily

Weed Trimmers

Honda 25cc $50 daily rental

Honda 35cc $60 daily rental

Honda Bike Handle $85 daily rental



Leaf Blowers

Handheld blower $20 daily rental

Backpack blower $35 daily rental



Power Rake / Dethatcher

$75 daily or $45/ 4 hour rental

Lawn Aerator

$85 daily rental


$20 daily rental

Honda Lawnmower

$40 daily rental



Air mover / dryer

 $35 daily rental

Sod Roller

$20 daily rental

Landscape Rake

$20 daily rental

Please call for reservations on all rental tools & equipment (805) 466-2218.

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