Honda Pumps

Honda pumps don't skimp on the features you need to achieve superior performance. From durable silicon carbide seals to cast iron impellers and rigid mounted volutes, Honda pumps are designed to provide unsurpassed performance and durability in a variety of applications. You want a pump that's going to be reliable, day in and day out. And with Honda, that's exactly what you get.


De-Watering Pump

Extensive selection for irrigation, flood control, light construction, pool draining, and more.


High Pressure Pump

The WH series are perfect for applications needing high pressure, such as sprinklers or nozzles. These pumps are lightweight and compact, making them highly portable. Possible applications include irrigation and fire suppression, as well as pumping over long distances.


Submersible Pump

These are 120 volt AC electric powered pumps with a discharge capacity of up to 150 gpm.

Honda submersible pumps are perfect for a number of applications:

  • Decorative fountains in gardens or ponds.

  • Garden irrigation.

  • Emptying swimming pools, spas, hot tubs and other water storage structures.
  • Pumping water from excavations, crawl spaces, underground passageways, grain elevators, farm stock tanks, construction sites, cooling towers and parking lot sumps.
  • Drainage of sumps, basements and window wells.

  • Fast removal of waste water from trays, washing machines, wet bars, water softeners, dehumidifiers and cisterns.

Construction & Industrial Pumps

Trash Pumps: Honda Trash Pumps are the ultimate choice for contractors and rental applications. The WT series can handle solids up to 1 1/16” in diameter. These pumps are designed to move water, and lots of it – up to 433 gallons per minute. A quick clean out port and easy maintenance features help to ensure long service life.


Diaphragm Pump: Perfect for slow seepage situations, you can count on Honda's WDP30 diaphragm pump to keep the site dry. This positive displacement pump is a low volume pump that can pump mud, trash and more. Honda's diaphragm pump is capable of running dry and pumping water with greater than 25% solids by volume.


Multi-purpose Pump

Designed to handle a variety of industrial and agricultural chemicals, as well as clear water.


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