Other Brands / Products

We carry several other brands and products that can be ordered out of extensive catalog offerings. A few are listed below, but please ask if there is anything else you are looking for. We can probably help!

Wood Chippers & Wheeled String Trimmers

Log Splitters

Outdoor Vaccuums & Thatchers

Self- Propelled Outdoor Vaccuum


Now you can add branches to all your leaf, seed, blooms, mulch, litter and debris cleanup jobs. Ideal for residential and property maintenance and the self-propelled power takes the chore and fatigue out of hilly turf cleanup. An optional hose kit helps between shrubs, beds and under decks or utilities.

Billy Goat vacuums are so rugged and reliable that many have been in service for over 20 years. Put the power and reliability of a Billy Goat TKV to work on your cleanup projects and depend on its quality operation for years to come.

Power Rake / Dethatcher


Efficiently removes matted thatch from turf.  Self-propelled, Steel guards, heavier wheels, premium bearings, and a 10-gauge steel engine base, the PR absorbs much of the vibration before it is transferred to the handle, which improves operator comfort and handling. The PR comes standard with Honda or Briggs power.

Plate Compactors / Viber Plates

Top performance, easy handling, low maintenance and long life. Honda engine. Anti-vibration handle that reduces vibration to the operator by up to 50% compared to other plate compactors.

Post Drivers


  • 2" barrel, accepts posts from 1" to 1⅞" in diameter
  • 1" adapter sleeve included for ¾" to 1" posts
  • 1,750 beats-per-minute
  • Weighs 35 pounds
  • Powered by 1.3 horsepower, Honda 4-stroke engine


  • 3¼" barrel, accepts posts from 2" to 3⅛" in diameter
  • 2" adapter sleeve included for 1" to 2" posts
  • 1,850 beats-per-minute
  • Weighs 45 pounds
  • Powered by 1.3 horsepower, Honda 4-stroke engine

Little Wonder - Hydro Brush Cutter

Cuts Growth Up To 2” Thick


The Little Wonder Hydro Brush Cutter navigates through weeds, heavy brush and overgrown vegetation with ease. Backed by a 2-year warranty. Tackle tough jobs like these and more:

  • Clearing underbrush in, vacant lots, around barns or buildings
  • Cutting forest brush or a firebreak in wooded areas
  • Establishing small trails or paths
  • Opening riding trails
  • Clearing around ponds
  • Highway guard rail and median maintenance and lot cleanup

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