Demolition & Construction Equipment Rentals

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All prices are subject to change.

Hilti Tile Smasher

$125 Daily rental

Hilti Demolition Hammer

 $85 Daily Rental

Also known as a jackhammer, breaker, or brute. 3 attachments

Hilty Concrete Saw

$95 Daily Rental

Also known as a chop saw. 

14" blade

Hilti Rotary Hammer

$75 Daily rental

For drilling and chiseling in masonry or concrete

Makita Hammer Drill

$35 / 4 hour rental

$50 daily rental

Viber Plates / Compactors

Jumping Jack (Left) $95 daily

Viber plates (mid. & right)

$85 daily 


Compact soil, asphalt, decomposed granite. 

Cement Mixer

$85 Daily rental

Honda Generators

EU 2000  $60 daily rental

EU 3000  $80 daily rental

EU 6500  $140 daily rental

Call for weekly rental pricing

Submersible Pump

$75 daily rental

Hilti Concrete Grinder and Vacuum

DGH130 6" Grinder $115/day

VC150-10XE Vacuum $30/day

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